Monthly Archives: March 2011

Coffee Solves My depression

Ah, Spring has sprung. OK, maybe not for another day but it certainly seems like spring now. Thank God it is finally here. It seemed like the February blahs started in January and is still hanging on for all it’s worth. People in the community, both socially and in business,  are cranky, confrontational and just downright mean this year. Small businesses have been closing their doors by the handful and the concept of buy local has gone out the door as well. When snow is on the ground, apathy sets in and it’s just easier to buy from big box stores. Even my coffee sales have been slow. I know a lot of it has been because of the economy and some it is because of the tense political situation here in Canada.

It looks like the Federal Government is going to fall in the next week or so and the province of Ontario has a scheduled election coming up this fall. The attack ads are showing about every 15 minutes on the TV and everyday the news media are featuring the latest polls and scandals. It seems that the attack ads are very effective at convincing the uncommitted and the party that can most afford them has the advantage in an election. Now this really depresses me. I really hate to think that even though a political party has been associated to a large number of scandals, proven to be in contempt of parliament, shown time and again to be hypocritical, all they have to do is pay a bunch of money, some of which comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket, to target some past actions of their opposition like working in the USA and voila their ranking in the polls increase. I see this as a form of subliminal mind control. OK, may be not subliminal, but still mind control.

My solution, have a nice hot cup of fresh roasted coffee or a fresh brewed cup of tea. When the attack ads come on get up and put on the kettle, or simply change the channel. Let the steam from your cup filter out all of the negativity that has become associated with politics these days. Listen (with a grain of salt) to what they are going to do for you not how bad they think the other guy is.

In conclusion, don’t worry, be happy, sit back, read a book, ignore political attack ads and have a nice hot cup of fresh roasted coffee or fresh brewed tea. (You know I am leading up to a change in my business when I start praising the consumption of tea…… but you’ll have to wait for it.)