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Crafty Man

This has been a very busy week for me. I was railroaded into doing a coffee service at the “Home For The Holidays Christmas House Tour”. That means that I had to spend one of the coldest nights of the year on an unheated porch, smiling and pouring 2 oz sample cups of coffee while being attacked by dried decorative bushes. My feet were cold, I was hungry and my back started to hurt. If I do this again next year, I will want to be able to come in to the big house instead of being stuck on the porch like a poor relative.

Freezing My Ass Off

Christmas House Tour 2010

Me and My Best Customer

RO Craft Show 2010

The next event I attended was a craft show at a local school here in Ingleside. It was also supposed to be a trade show but, not so much. It was an all day event on Saturday to support school activities but it was not well attended. I don’t think there was a lot of advertising for this event and I believe we were competing with a church function across the road. But I did meet some new people and the review I wrote did get published in the Cornwall Free News. I think I actually made about $5 profit for the day.

I hope I get at least a couple new customers out of the events. I really prefer to roast coffee on demand rather than on spec.

Blog Spam?

Well, for a little while there I thought I actually had someone was reading my blog that enjoyed my writing. My ego was boosted and I was all set to upgrade my input to this missive of SSP (that’s Shameless Self Promotion for those uninitiated in Coffey’s Coffee acronyms). Now I find that most of the messages I have been getting are nothing but spam with the sole intent of putting a link to some unsponsored product on my blog page……FOR FREE.

While my blog page is a free offering of my rants, thoughts and experiences, this site has been set up for my business which means that it is intended to generate that mythical idea of profit. You can call me a Ferengi if you want but I need to earn money to continue roasting coffee. So, for those that would try to squeeze blood from my stone, I will not approve any of your comments.

However I do support local businesses. If a business from within SD&G seeks permission  to put a link on my blog, I will be extremely flattered and will be happy to allow it. Again for those ignorant of my geography, SD&G is the area in south eastern Ontario, Canada that includes the counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, and the city of Cornwall.

In summary, SPAM ME NOT……you will just hurt my ego and send me spiraling into the depths of depression.

Writer’s Group

Well, we had the monthly meeting of the “CORNWALL & REGIONAL WRITERS SOCIETY” last night. I guess Jamie forgot to mention it on the CFN website but that didn’t matter. It happened anyway.

Linda Kuno was the chair this month and she set the monthly assignment. All we had to do was write 750 words about a picture of a blocked up door with a chain link fence around it. After we all read out entries we took a vote on which one we thought was the best of the bunch. I kind of promised that I would publish the story under the art court banner on the Cornwall Free News website. I haven’t been able to talk to Jamie yet to see if I can fulfill my promise.

Overall Stanley Brown’s entry was selected as the best (I think he bribed the judges) and his story will be posted under the CFN’s CORNWALL & REGIONAL WRITERS SOCIETY banner (depending on Jamie’s approval). Now, my entry may have been just a little bit to sophisticated for those at the meeting last night so I am going to post it here. I’ll let you judge.

The Door To My Mind

A bricked up door, that’s what I see when I close my eyes at night. Sometimes I also see a fence with barbwire around the door. The doctors tell me it is a defense mechanism to stop me from remembering something or someone that is too horrible for my mind to handle. Hysterical amnesia is the term they use. It happened one morning in October 2008. It was the 15th of October, a Wednesday. I woke up in a bed I wasn’t familiar with, in a room I didn’t recognize. When I looked in a mirror I didn’t recognized the face that stared back at me. I was in a house that I was unfamiliar with, in a neighborhood that I didn’t know in a community or city that I couldn’t remember the name of. It was all gone, my memories.

My wife thought it was one of my practical jokes and she got mad at me after a couple of hours of me asking what her name was and where we were. That day we went to the emergency room at the closest hospital and eventually, after a quick medical examination, I saw a psychologist. She diagnosed my condition and referred my to a specialist in Ottawa who has been trying to find the reason for my memory loss ever since.

Today I’m about to undergo yet another hypnotherapy session but this time with an aid that will help me to relax. Its taken a couple of months for my doctor to access the material necessary and even longer to get approval from her peer group, the Psychiatric Association of Ontario. So, here I sit in my doctor’s lounge with a bong full of marijuana just smoking my damaged brain out. I’m just developing a craving for chicken wings and beer and the lovely Dr. Lovelace enters and sits beside me on the leather couch. She has faded blue jeans on with a beaded blue jean vest over a tie-dyed t-shirt. I think to myself this must be a lame attempt at some déjà vu experience to help me remember the 70’s. But I don’t care. I just hope she has a snack hidden somewhere in her vest.

Dr. Lovelace, I think of her as Linda but her first name is really Brianna, starts to speak in a low rhythmic tone. I’m too buzzed to focus on the actual words but the rhythm, tone and pitch fascinates me. Aha, I think, that’s why I don’t remember any of Led Zeppelins’ lyrics. It’s the beat man.  Linda sees me smiling and speaks a little bit more forcefully. I hear her words.

“I want you to go back to that morning that you woke up. What do you remember about that Wednesday morning on October 15th two years ago?”

“Do you have any cookies doc?” I say.

“I’ll get you some cookies later.” She says, “Right now I want you to think back to your earliest memories of that morning.”

“Well, I just remember waking up from a dream and thinking about health care.” I said.

“What do you suppose would make you dream about that issue?” She asked.

“I looked up the newspaper from that day and I suppose it was a topic discussed during the election.”

“Ah, that’s right,” She replied. “There was a federal election the day before. Do you remember if you were you involved in politics?”

“No, I don’t think so. I do think that I voted though.” I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I shifted to find a more comfortable spot, trying to get that good buzz back. Dr. Lovely pushed the bong towards me indicating to take another hit.

After I exhaled, Linda said, “I want you to think about the election. What do you remember about voting?”

“No,” I said, “I don’t want to remember that.”

“Relax, nothing is going to hurt you here. After we finished talking we’ll open a bag of Oreos but first I want you to think about the election and voting. You remember voting don’t you?”

“Yes…no…I don’t want to remember.”

“It’s OK,” she says. “It’s in the past and it can’t hurt you now. Tell me about election night.”

I look around in panic. Suddenly I know what I did. I don’t want to say it out loud but I won’t get a cookie if I keep it in. It all comes back to me now, my childhood, my friends, my wife, all of my experiences and ultimately, my shame.

“I voted Conservative!” I cry, “God help me, I voted Conservative.”

The Birds and The Beans

Today was a day to remember. For one thing it was Remembrance Day here in Canada and it was terrific weather. Kathy and I went for a walk to the bird sanctuary and had the chickadees eating out of our hands. You can see that from the pictures. I also took some pictures of geese in flight and turkeys in our back yard.

A Bird In The Hand

Chickadee In The Hand

Geese In The Sky

The beans part of this message is that the Australian Skybury coffee is fantastic and I’ve had no complaints about the $20 /lb price, so far. Check out the Price page for the full listing.

New Coffee

Good news! I have just received my first super premium coffee bean order. OK, it’s not in the same categorie as Kopi Luak or Esmerelda but it is a premium bean. I am going to introduce Autralian Skybury to my customers as soon as I do a trial roast and cup it.

The Australian coffee is going to be price at about $20 per pound but I will post the full pricing for this coffee on the Price Page.

I’m just so excited that I can hardly sit still. OK, time to roast.